Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Be a part of my Top 25 Listener List!

Hey folks!

Got a brand new thing going on in terms of audiobooks. To date, I've narrated 64 titles. My longest one was 19 hours and my shortest was 26 mins. I've done a variety of genres and I am not stopping anytime soon.

But I want to include you.

Yes you!

To the man or woman who is not looking forward to that hour and a half commute to work and would want to listen to something interesting. To the person at work who is allowed to listen to their iPod. To the person who wants to build up their own audiobook library with great quality titles.

There is no expiration date on this new event. The only catch is that you will have to rate the book on either audible or amazon. You will also need to write a review. Audible has a great guideline system for reviewing a book. But the review must be honest and at least 3 sentences long.

And the best part about this is its absolutely Free!

Check out this website to see the growing list of titles:

Just email me at and we'll get you started. :)

Here's a brief peek of one of the audiobooks I have narrated: