What is your writing routine like? 

Over the years my writing habits have drastically changed.

From 1999- 2005 I used to write from 11pm to 6am on a desktop computer.

From 2005- 2009 I would write in the afternoons, on my bed with a laptop.

A few months out of 2010 was a bit of a dry spell for me.

Now I try to stick to a writing goal of 500 words a day. It actually works pretty well because I always over shoot it. Before I used to write in dead silence but now I always have some classical/jazz music playing.

Why did you decided to Self-Publish?

While I am a patient man, waiting for a response is a tedious time waster. I queried 31 Literary agents and well over 50 magazines. I either got no response or a form letter saying, "Good story, have to pass." 

When Amazon came out with the Kindle and its Digital Text Platform (what it was called back then), I jumped at the chance to put my work on there since I already had 2 novels and over 60 short stories. Also, I like the idea of controlling my own royalties and the freedom to experiment with formatting  picking the cover, updating a new edition and being able to publish whenever I want.

Got a question about my writing life?

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