Friday, September 18, 2009

For What It's Worth

(From the back cover)

It began with a handful of objects and became the short story collection not to be missed. Come to a place where the infamous Glock Block is just around the corner. Where your former selves run wild and fires become invisible to the human eye. In an age of hit men, crooks, specters and average Joe's; everyone has a story to tell and nothing is what it seems. Be prepared for a mischievous grandfather clock. Come to know Mr. Horace Grant, the loan shark who once had a heart of gold. Maybe you will be able to find some mirth in a depressed rhetoric teacher or perhaps you will unravel the mystery of the Poe Transporter. Whatever the case may be, everyone finds out their destiny and proves just how much they’re worth.

Told you it was coming out today. It doesn't have a ISBN code yet, but I plan on purchasing one for it. There's just a choice of what kind of ISBN I want.

But I couldn't pass up showing you guys where you can find it. Right now it is exclusively sold on

See if you can buy it.

Click the line below.

Buy The Book Here


Jill Edmondson said...

Hey! Cool! If that's what's on the back cover, then the future looks rosy! Catchy and intriguing!

Good luck with it - I hope it sells well! I sounds like a fun read!

Jill Edmondson

Uninvoked said...

Good luck, hope you do well with sales. ^^