Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rushing The Gun

Hey everybody.

I know I said that the book would be out on Sept. 2nd or 4th but now things have changed. I recently quit my old job and have been, for the past three weeks, working at a brand new one. My old job was very part time. This new one is full time. So, with all the hours I'm working, even though I recieved the final edits, I have to push the release back at least two weeks. Sorry. Don't mean to make all of you wait.

I was rushing the gun. I thought I could handle these edits no problem and do everything in one day. That is not the case. I planned two months ahead of time to publish this new book. The second month was reserved for the editing process. It only goes to show that no matter how organized you are, you will encounter delays. But it's not such a bad thing. This will give me a chance to stretch my legs for a bit. I can look over 50 pages a day and be set.

I take writing seriously, as you can tell, and I want to go over the manuscript a few more times to polish it and make all the necessary corrections. If this book is going to come out, I want it to be good. I want it to be publisher quality good. Hell, I want it to be an experience. So be patient a little while longer and you'll soon be holding in your hands a crisp new copy of my first book. Thanks so much for following this blog. I'll let you know when the new release date is set.

~ R.S.

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AmberInGlass said...

Hey, Rob, no worries about the deadline. You just be sure to let me know where and when I can pick it up. I never could get through all of the audio book I'm sad to admit, I just couldn't seem tofocus on hearing as well as I can from reading, but it certainly wasn't from a lack of enjoyment.

On another note I selected you and your blog for a blogger reward. You can read about it here on my blog if you wish.