Friday, September 19, 2008

The Facts of My Life - an intro

I currently have -40 dollars in the bank, so I think that pretty much sells the ‘starving artist’ title. I’m the product of creative and sometimes eccentric parents, classic 3 children ‘middle child syndrome’ kick. I’ve been through that, an identity crisis, a meltdown, survived a house fire, survived a car crash and yes, even constipation. Life and death play a big part in my life. I constantly battle with the enormity of adulthood while observing the mortality of our rented space which we call earth. I believe in Christ. I am a non-drinker as well as a non-smoker. I’ve had several hourly jobs, had many pets, watched many movies, read many books and have many friends. My biggest passion is writing.

My name is Roberto Scarlato . . .

. . . and I am the author you’ve never heard of.

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