Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Premature Universe

Alright, I’m just going to write this because, after looking over the last entries, I’m already getting sick of the whiney piney bullshit that I‘ve been doing. So here goes the rest of my writing history - to make a long story short.

Doing mounds of research online, I decided to go with a self-publisher called Iuniverse. Booksurge, Outskirts press and various other online publishers were too high in the price range for me.

After going through the process of filing out the contract, setting up a complicated cover design which was way too crowded and finally releasing the book -- I had set myself up for the speediest premature launch of all time. Two months went by and I had only sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 books, not counting the 15 free copies that I gave away to friends and family.

It was too early for me to go launching the book like that without a marketing plan. And because no one had ever heard of the book, it sold poorly. So I went ahead and pulled the book. The royalties weren’t all that high and I felt the book needed some more revisions and a reboot before it went public again.

That was Summer of 2006.

From 2006 to now, I’ve been hard at writing.

Here is what is currently in my arsenal:

Mr. Dead Eyes (Sci-Fi) - 243 pages
W.D.T. (Supernatural Thriller) -306 pages
F.W.I.W. (First Short Story Collection) - 207 pages
W.A.S.L. (Second Short Story Collection) - 26 pages
P.F. (Coming Of Age Adventure) - 40 pages

(Titles will be revealed when I have the story 100% completed and copyrighted.)

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