Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hey Folks!

Just letting you know that the day is finally here! My book For What It's Worth, the paperback version, is finally on Amazon. Whoo-hoo! Yop! And all that good stuff! Just search up my name on or you can click on the picture link on the right of this post that has the cover with the caption BUY THE BOOK HERE.

Let me know what you think, tell your friends, write a review. Heck, make my book a Christmas gift for a friend. Spread the word.

In the meantime...I'll still be writing. Happily, I might add.

"What is worth having is worth working for." — Philip Pullman

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Jill Edmondson said...

Yippeee! Congratulations! What a nice feeling it is to go to Amazon and plug in your name and see your work come up in the results!

I wish you great success and hope you sell lots!

Cheers, Jill