Monday, October 18, 2010

Roberto Scarlato's Triple Threat

So let's recap. We haven't done one of those for a while. I doubt that we've even done one but we'll see where it takes us. I once said that I wanted to try to be on 100 blogs. I tried, queried and asked 50 blogs to publish a post of mine. I ended up on less than ten blogs. While I'm thankful that these blogs gave me the time of day, it's still less than the exposure I wanted to shoot for.

I also said that I wanted to read 10,000 books by year's end. Even with piling on the audio books and such, I've only been able to read 285. Not even close to my target goal. So, in short, a failing effort.

Then, an even bolder statement, I said that I wanted to be published by a well-recognized publication like Random House or St. Martin's Press by year's end. I was hoping that printing my books would help get me noticed. As it turns out, there are about two months left to go and still no book deal contract. Even if I don't get published by Random House or others, I love writing and self-publishing. I don't care if it takes another ten years to get a book deal, I'll still be churning out titles via Amazon for as long as it takes.

Just recently I published a new title called Wearing Donnie Torr. There is a link for it to the right of this post. At 336 pages it's priced at $14.00.

I've also started posting my titles on and and they have been looked at here or there but I'm going to try to get more exposure somehow. Soon, I plan to podcast both For What It's Worth and Wearing Donnie Torr through

But for right now, I'm experiencing the troubled times portion of this blog that any author goes through: I want more people to notice and read my books.

In the meantime, I'll just keep writing.

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