Saturday, October 10, 2009

Evil At Heart

Some time ago, I entered a contest on a popular book website.

Today, I received a package with this sticker on it.

Though I knew what it was, I couldn't help but feel some slight twinge of over excitement about this. I guess we all silently hope that our top favorite publishers would send us a package, possibly containing a contract begging us to join their team, to be their next author they represent. (Insert long sigh here.)

Oh well, It was still great to receive the package. I love getting packages. I used to order books from all the time.

But what was inside the package was this book.

God bless Goodreads.

Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain. It's the third book in the series, following a woman serial killer. I bought Heartsick, the first one, long ago, but never read it. I knew the book would be good, but I put it to the side. I placed it in my trunk thinking that if I had a really terrible run of reading badly written books, this Heartsick would be my own personal in case of emergency, break open glass.

The second book in the series is Sweetheart. I'm really eager to read these books. This copy that I got is an advance reader's copy which the company put out there to promote more ratings and reviews. I will read it eventually. But for right now, I'm backlogged in my reading. Right now I'm a hundred pages away from finishing T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton. (Haven't read any of the other books but with this one being so good, I plan to go back to the beginning.) After that, I plan on reading Just After Sunset by Stephen King. I'm really big into reading short stories now.

Anyway, If you have ever received an advanced reader's copy of something, tell me about it. Would love to hear it.


Jill Edmondson said...

Oh, man, I know what you mean. You've entered a contest, you anxiously check the mail every day, you hope hope hope... And then comes something with the right sender's address - could it be? Is it? Please tell me yes!

Oh well, an ARC is good too.

I am soon to have my first book published (next month). The PR folks at my publisher have sent out a few advanced reader copies. I am dying to know what the recipients think of them!!!! The funny thing is that I myself do not have an ARC... the wait is exciting but I am damned curious to see what the real thing looks like!

Keep entering contests... One of the contests I entered was a boon to me. I didn't win, but entering it forced me to finish the manuscript... and I eventually found a publisher. Actually completing the book was such a good feeling!

Cheers, Jill

Alissa said...

If you ever get the chance to attend Book Expo America, you must go. I think all the ARCs I've ever read have come to me by way of Book Expo. It's held in the spring (and though they used to alternate cities) is going to be in NYC again next year. It is sort of like heaven for book lovers. It's nothing put an entire convention center filled with publishers giving away free books with authors signing free copies of their books. If you can have any media contacts and can get someone to underwrite the trip in exchange for a story on your visit, it is well worth it. Even though it is usually overwhelming, I always have a wonderful time!

Rob said...

Thanks for the tip, Alissa. I've always wanted to go to those book expos. I'm just worried that it would drain my pockets. Hopefully not. I really want to go there. Sounds like fun.