Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Writer's Wedding

Yes, it is true. My high school sweetheart and I are to be wed. I feel a new spark of life buzzing within me. For many Americans, the stresses of a marriage weigh down on a young couple. Thankfully, this is not the case with us. We are coming along rather nicely and everyone has lent a helping hand. We are backed by a lot of people who know that we will last and that makes us eternally grateful.

Now to lay down how it all came about - the story of us.

Aja and I have been girlfriend and boyfriend for six years. On July 3rd of 2003, I sat Aja down on the sidewalk to talk to her. We were avoiding my rambunctious cousins across the street. When I asked her to be my girlfriend, fireworks were busting in the sky. It was great. We knew that eventually, somewhere down the line, we would get married.

On march 24th of 2010, my girlfriend and I, nearing seven years of being together, finally approached her parents and broke the news that we were getting married. Over the years, we talked about marriage but it always seemed so pricey and something you could only afford when you were financially stable…or won the lottery. I’d drive myself crazy thinking of how many times I would reach the required amount just to buy the ring only to see it plummet when I needed to pay bills. In the end, we both knew that we wanted to get married (also we both knew what her answer would be) so we decided that telling her parents would make it official. To our relief, they showered us with their blessing as well as their smiles. However, I didn’t want to pass this day without presenting something to my soon to be wife. Since we both were opting for an economically smart wedding, I had no ring. Conspiratorially, I pulled my girlfriend’s mother to the side and asked her if she kept a sewing kit with some thread or possibly some nice ribbon. While my girlfriend was calling some of our friends up, dishing the good news with bouncy exuberance, her mom laid out some samples on the kit she just uncovered from the closet. Among them was a nice portion of white lace. “That’s perfect,” I said. I snipped a piece, thanked her, and turned the corner into the room where, at that exact moment, she turned to me as she just finished a phone call. “Hold out your hand.” I tell her. She did. She throws me a puzzling look as I take her left hand and tie the piece of white lace around her ring finger. “There,” I said, as she’s practically beaming with gratitude. “Now we’ve officially tied the knot.” All our friends love that story.

Also, in the right-hand corner of this blog is a donation widget. If you want to, you can donate. In the meantime, we are still preparing and we have a solid wedding date booked. Wish us luck and god bless everyone for sharing our happiness and are behind us 100 percent.

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times -- always with the same person."~Mignon McLaughlin

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