Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where In The World is Roberto Scarlato?

Been MIA for months now and I know I owe you, the readers, an explanation.

Here's the Gist:

The Announcement ~

"I'm on the phone with my girlfriend, parked at my local jewel. I'm reclined, relaxed. I'm happy to have such a sweet person in my complicated life. When I say complicated I mean that my family life was practically devouring my daily life, routine and taking a toll on my emotional equilibrium. Then we start talking about marriage. We've talked about it many times before and we always thought that weddings were too expensive and something you had to save up for. We were convinced that given the jobs we had ( at the time we were both looking for work), if we saved up for a year, maybe we can get a semi-descent wedding. At this stage in our lives we were comfortable with a court marriage. A union is a union, isn't it?

On March -- we both approached her Parent's. I announced that I loved their daughter very much and that I wanted to marry her. To which they gave me their blessing. They were calm, respectful, joyful. Everything you hope a reaction would be. Since I didn't have a ring, I tied a bit of lace around my girl's finger. (Symbolism: Tying the knot. I know, obvious, but I also never seen it done before.)

Then I bring her to my house to share the good news with my folks and my sister. My father is so still, I question whether he stopped breathing. But that's his way; he takes excitement with a pause, as if freezing the moment. He did shake my hand though and congratulate me so that was a relief. My mother and sister? They have a twofer sob fest. They're crying and hugging and loudly praising our union. My mother rushes upstairs to grab something. She brings down several Ziploc bags of her jewelry. She finds a ring which belonged to my dear old nana and bestows it to my future wife, just so she could get used to the idea of wearing a ring."

The Planning~

"Our plans were brewing fast as we made lists, made calls, hired people and registered for stuff. Since we were jumping on plans in March, we figured we would have plenty of time when it came to the wedding in July.

We loaded the guest list, professionals and friends into the excel program on my girlfriends' Laptop. We giddily referred to it as our 'wedding planner.' It was amazing and a miracle that we got everything done. Cut down to the last two weeks and we had the marriage license and the rings. We looked at over forty different apartments until we finally found one we could call home."

Beyond the Sea~

"These are mainly just the highlights but, in the future, I'll write more in detail.

This was it.

July 25th. A bright, blue, cloudless Sunday Morning. I began it at 8:30 am. I jet to my parents house and pick up my father, he's ready by 12:30pm. We have to meet the photographer at my in-laws house by 1:00pm. Due to some technical difficulties, my future wife getting all prettied up and the star treatment at a salon and spa, we have to get there at 1:45 pm instead. The bride leaves, we arrive and I shake hands with our photographer, Tim. A really nice guy if you ask me. We take a limo: me, my dad, my brother in law, my father in law and Tim. We enjoy drinking some beers and telling some old, dirty jokes as we drive downtown.

We finally arrive at navy pier, I change, my father cracks jokes. He's not nervous at all. Neither am I. He's happy. His mustache curls as he grins, knowing that his son is a grown-up. The ceremony begins on top of the boat at 4:30ish pm. It was Un-for-get-able. And I mean that in every sense of the word. We exchange vows. It's unique. Instead of saying I do or I will, we have to repeat This is my solemn vow. I like it, it has much more promise and truth to it. Our buddy Matt plays us a rendition on his guitar of I'm Yours by Jason Maraz with a special twist; halfway in he blends in Somewhere over the Rainbow. There wasn't a dry eye on the boat, folks. Finally, we kiss. We are now husband and wife. The speakers on top of the boat blare Beautiful Day by U2. We shake hands, hugs, we take an endless amounts of pics with friends and family. Then we go down into the lower level of the boat where there is a dance floor.

The boat is rocking back and forth so hard, once we are away from the dock, that I'm reminded of that scene from At World's End. Tim comes up to me asking where he can get some Dramamine. We cut the cake, my brother in law gives a fantastic, funny speech.

We dance our first dance. Can't Take My Eyes Off You by The Four Seasons.

Then the music plays the carefully chosen playlist compiled from me, my wife and my father in law. We picked some really great songs. There were classics mixed with oldies. Seventies mixed with eighties. It was a blast. (Sans chicken dance, macarina, and the electric slide because I HATE those songs.)"

The Blues Brothers~

"Rewind a month prior to the wedding and you'll see me in a ford focus, on a cell, rapidly trying to talk my brother into pulling a surprise on the wedding party. In the end, he opted out, but that was okay cause I had my wing man Matt with me.

As the reception was really gettin' jumpin', with my brother in law and friends crowded around him as he danced crazy to Shout by The Isley Brothers, I tapped my bride on the shoulder and said I'll be right back and to "watch this...", giving her no clue as to what I was about to do. Matt and I hurried to the back behind the dance booth and donned our fedoras and shades, then we waltzed out and did a rendition of Soul Man as The Blues Brothers. People were flipping out. My cousin has the footage. I will upload it soon."

What a town~

"The evening was over and we loved every minute of it. I'm writing this on august 19th but people still frequently remind me and my wife how much our wedding rocked. They are still deliriously high from it. Not only did I marry my muse, see my father look so happy, get to dance my ass off on a boat but every minute is fused into my memory. After all that preparation, it was a worthwhile turnout. 120 guests and not one complained or made a scene.

So now, I sit back in my couch, gazing out on the deck of our apartment, staring at the hypnotizing woods as I reminisce. I have my writing projects lined up, all the boxes of all our stuff is here and unpacked, and I just relax as I comb my Facebook page, looking to see who put up the latest batch of pics. If you want, you can friend me here and see them for yourself. But until my next post there is only one thing left to do...

...thank you notes. :)"

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