Saturday, July 7, 2012


I feel like I don't talk about bookstores enough. You guys know that I frequent them. I'm always willing to pick up books from Barnes and Noble, Goodwill or alleyway shops. I was heartbroken when Borders went packing.

But there is one bookstore that I love and that you should check out too. They're called Afterwords and they sell new and used books. I visited there a couple of times, mainly because my friend works there and he is very good about showing me around and reccomending some good titles. It's funny but, every time I dropped in, I'd have this sudden urge to pick up some of the titans; Hemingway, Harlan Ellison, H.G. Wells.

Its very cool and quiet and has a basement with wall to wall books.

Ray Bradbury always said that libraries helped raise him to his literary heights. For me, its bookstores.

23 East Illinois Street, Chicago, IL
(312) 464-1110

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