Saturday, January 5, 2013

The New Year Novel-Writing Machine


We made it.

44 followers and 260 posts later.

Where do we go from here?

I'll tell ya.

Up, baby. Up!

Lately I've been putting writing by the wayside and its starting to get to me. Whenever I don't write, I feel like pieces of me are just falling off. No more, I say! I plan to write daily, if I can. 500 words a day works for me. When I reach a milestone like 10,000 words, I figure I can Vlog about it so I'm at least held accountable.

It's been 7 months since I've published anything to kindle.

Here's what I have in the works:

  1. A stand alone fantasy short story, hoping to make its debut sometime this month. It will be priced at 99 cents.
  2. A gritty, terror-filled novella that brings the term "survival" to an all time high. Currently stands at 14,000 words. That will be released sometime in February.
  3. The Scarlato Laugh - a collection of essays re-counting true stories about my life. I've shared a few of them on this blog: Scrooge Sits One Out, Ghostbusted. This title is slated for late March.
  4. The Third Novel - This project has plagued me to no end. Originally I had planed to release this one right after releasing my first novel. The only problem is I never finished writing it. It's still stuck at 40 pages. It's a mix of Crime Drama/Noir Mystery. Hoping to release this one by the end of 2013.
  5. Last project currently slated is for 2014. That will be Dead Eyes 2. At this moment, I haven't written any of it. But I will be working on it while I'm in between projects.

As for audio book fans out there, I plan on releasing the podiobook version of Wearing Donnie Torr. So far I have two chapters recorded. Mr. Dead Eyes is still available for FREE download on iTunes.

So that's all for now and remember, if you don't hear something from me soon, don't fret, I'm just writing.

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