Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sherlock Holmes and The Dreaded Case of Public Domain

So it's finally happened. What we all feared. Well, maybe some of us. According to a Chicago Judge, Sherlock Holmes is apparently in the public domain.

For some this is a travesty. How can such a limitless character with hundreds of stories be shoved in the public domain?

For others, it really isn't that big of a deal. Sherlock Holmes still holds his weight in relevance today. Why else would we continue to depict him in tv shows as well as movies? There are many books that you can get on Kindle which are public domain which are still classics.

I guess the only thing I hope would happen is that whoever reads whatever stories get put up under public domain will walk into a bookshop and buy a physcial copy of the book to contribute to the Doyle Estate. After all, they carried this character through over a hundred years. I think they deserve some compensation for their efforts.

And who knows? What with the advent of streaming television shows, I deduce (see what I did there) that a whole new generation of Sherlock fans will emerge. I mean, take a look at the BBC and what they've done to utilize the character in modern day London. If you listen closely, you will find that a good eighty percent of the dialogue they use from that show are pulled straight from the stories themselves.

So go forth, my young lad and pick up a copy of this bloke's adventures.

The game is afoot...and you're sure to be Sherlocked. ;)

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Rebecca E. said...

well put. Has it been that long already?