Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How I Became a Famous Novelist

I frequently check this one website ( for scoops on the latest movie rumors. One day I found that a book had just acquired a director. When I searched up the book, I found that it was released in July. Now that's fast business!

How I Became a Famous Novelist is the story about a man named Pete Tarslaw. After receiving a mass e-mail from his ex-girlfriend, announcing her wedding date a year from now in Australia, Pete begins to fume. Not only does he fume, but he also has a crummy job which he hates. While drinking some beers with his buddy, he watches an interview of a famous novelist that everyone likes, even his Ex. It is at that moment that he decided to tackle writing a book himself, somehow get it on the bestsellers list and upstage his Ex at her own wedding! Instead of writing the same formulaic airport novel, he decides to really hit hard by writing serious literature. He visits Borders and Barnes and Noble to start cracking the code that is writing and sees if he can fake it. He makes lists of what people like to read and key words they are drawn to. His novel, The Tornado Ashes Club, becomes a melting pot of ideas and genres. In each chapter there is an excerpt of either a fake novel, an interview or segments from his acclaimed novel itself. Steve Heley has really captured the trials and tribulations of writing while poking fun at the insanely rich eccentric authors of today. This novel is a feast for the mind and should be on every writer's bookshelf. It's a re-readable triumph of writing genius.

Steve Heley has written for The Late Show with David Letterman as well as American Dad. His first book was The Ridiculous Race.

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie."
— Truman Capote

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Rebecca said...

this sounds like such a great book, and i never heard of it!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. movie sounds like fun...