Monday, August 10, 2009

Notable Movies #2

Even though I've only read the first chapter to the Time Traveler's Wife, I'm sure it's a good story. It takes two different genres and blends them: Romance and Science fiction. While time traveling establishes couples having distance troubles, it is important to come to know their struggle. Does time heal all wounds? Or does it open them up? As soon as I get my hands on this national bestseller, I will read it twice.

Audrey Niffenegger, the author, must be proud of this representation of her work. The trailer alone had me on the edge of my seat. Audrey, as I've found out, lives right here in Chicago and works as a professor in Interdisciplinary Book Arts MFA Program at Columbia - the same school I once thirsted to go to. Her second book, Her Fearful Symmetry, just sold in March for an advance of $5 million dollars. It should be out this fall.

So, with any book adaptation there is always the question of whether to read the book first or watch the movie, saving the book for the extra tidbits they left out. After much thought, I've decided to read the book first. 560 pages sounds too good to just ignore.

But what do you do when you know the movie is adapted from a book? Do you read the book first? Or do you watch the movie?


Rebecca said...

I have to admit, there are some novels I read first, only because i heard the hype, or enjoy the author, and others, I want to see the movie first.

Harry Potter... book first.
Lord of the first
Forrest Gump.. Movie first, but enjoyed teh book more.

Sarah said...

I think Niffenegger would be appalled by the cheap, sentimental, cliche, feeble money-maker that was the movie.

By that I mean, I am not a fan of the movie. haha

The movie was just cheapening the wonderful things accomplished in the book because Eric Bana is cute and Rachel McAdams was in that movie you might have heard of "The Notebook". The producers wanted "The Notebook 2" and kind of bastardized something brilliant in the process.

Though I will say that I'm a person who thinks movies should be allowed to have a life of their own and that it's not fair to them to insist they recreate exactly the experience of the book.

I just think the movies should also be like... good.

Also, this is Sarah and I just started creeping on your blog.

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