Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Slight Snag

Well, in the midst of my so-called brilliant scheme, I found that it is near impossible to price your book at zero on amazon unless you are a publisher or know someone in the biz.

Fortunately, I priced the kindle books as low as I can go on amazon which is 99 cents each. That should help.

But you can still get my books for free on smashwords by clicking here.


Jill Edmondson said...

Interesting that you must have a price for it - and 99 cents is close to free!

I hope this way of promoting your book gets the word out & helps you build up a following. It's so competetive out there and so hard to markte a book.

Good luck with it - I hope it's a hit on Kindle and elsewhere.

Cheers, Jill

Elisa said...

You might want to talk to Stacey Cochran -- I think there's a way to do it (or, at most, charge a penny). I know you can definitlely do it for free on Smashwords, though.

Rob said...

Thanks, Elisa. I did contact Stacey and he said the same thing. I guess it was easy at one point but now it's harder to do with all the added changes. I even tried the penny method but it didn't go through. Oh well. It was worth a shot.