Saturday, February 5, 2011

Notable Movies #7

From the looks of this new movie, starring Hangover's Bradley Cooper, a man is given a new drug which enhances his brain power. The protagonist is, of course, a writer. Once exposed to this wonderful wonder drug he goes on a creative and lucrative rush to finish book projects with ease, play the stock market and garner a new life for himself. The plot is rather unique. If only we had a drug that could help us with those pesky novels that need to be written. What drops my jaw the most is that he says he finished his novel in 4 days. Man, if I had that drug, all my book projects would be done in, damn...I just did the math and it would still be, for 60 different novel ideas, a year and eight months. Still, good to see DeNiro finally rolling himself out of bed to do a decent roll. He really dropped down my respect-o-meter with these sequels to Meet The Parents and that Showtime movie with Eddie Murphy. I'm not gonna even go into that strange movie What Just Happened? because I saw what happened and it wasn't pretty.

You want to see a good DeNiro movie? Your best bet is Midnight Run all the way. I've watched that thing so many times I can quote all the lines by heart. Now those were the Golden years of DeNiro. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. Enjoy the trailer and, oh yeah, keep writing. The world needs more good writers like you.

Limitless opens world wide March 18th, 2011

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