Thursday, February 6, 2014

What is Your Pursuit of Happiness?

If you had to choose a path to follow, which one would you choose? What motivates you to push it further, think outside the box? What do you want to accomplish?

If you're smart, you should focus on your passion. And how do you focus? What with financial issues and bills to pay, how do you mitigate through all that muck? What would you do if you did not have to worry about bills? Would you become an artist? A sculptor? Painter? A poet?

Well just pretend for a minute that all your bills, all your worries do not exist.

By all means, continue to pay them and be responsible. But for you, you need to focus. Find your room. This room should not be filled with anything that reminds you of your worries. It could be the basement, where you feel it is most quiet. It could be the library, where you feel more calm. It could be your favorite table or chair in a coffee house, where you feel more relaxed. Wherever that room is, go there.

Because all artists need a place to experiment.

I've written some of my best work in all three settings and, in the long run, it helped a great deal. Mind you, I wasn't the most financially sound in those times. At one point I owed my bank $700 dollars and had a crummy job that gave me 8 bucks an hour. But I hunkered down, focused on the work and somehow paid off that debt.

Just because you are struggling it does not mean that your work should stop.

It should be your pursuit of happiness. For the thrill of the pursuit gives a whole new meaning to whatever you create.

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