Sunday, January 2, 2011

Format Problem Fixed

Hey everybody. All three of my titles have been on kindle for quite some time now and I've never been able to figure out the formating until now. Before, I uploaded Mr. Dead Eyes, Wearing Donnie Torr and For What It's Worth in PDF or as a Word Document. This, I've found, throws off any form of justification and tabs you document may have. So, on your kindle, it looks like a bunch of words mashed together, no spaces or breaks which can get pretty annoying and, frankly, hasn't worked well for an author unless you're the next James Frey.

The best perfect format is (.MOBI)

It's the only format I've found that helped me out of this jam.

I just recently uploaded Wearing on the new file format, tested it on my kindle and am happy to say it looks more professional. In the next day or two I will upload the latest formats to the other two. Thanks for being so patient.

Pleasant dreams.

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