Friday, October 7, 2011

This book I hardly remember buying, but the impact of its message haunts me to this day. We've all done it. Gone on chat rooms, poked around, made a mockery of the mystery of who is on the other end.

Jordan Clay's Series exploits that fear and what happens when a hapless dude hooks up, via chat room, with a very strange, needy chick. Think Fatal Attraction for the Internet.

In the story we meet, Jonah. Then we meet his online squeeze. Her screen name is Gemini 7 but her real life name is Nicole Gemini. Bit of a stretch, don't you think?

Anyway, the barriers start to come down and Jonah gets to meet the blonde haired beauty. Unfortuneatly, Jonah already has a girlfriend. Jen is his main squeeze but, he's grown tired, always sick of hearing them refered to as Jonah-and-jen or some such stupid thing. This was way before the whole Brangelina phase. So, in effort to stretch out, live dangerously, he meets Nicole...who isn't so sweet once you get to know her.

Slowly, things begin to happen. Jonah's dad gets into a mysterious car accident. Jonah's girl, Jen, is found with pills in her purse which lands her in a drug rehabilitation clinic. Yep, I see a pattern here. New girl in town. Jealous, nasty, possibly crazy. It's all coming together. It's been referred to as a Cyberthriller that turns Teen Gothic and it shows.

In the final chapters we get a taste of the madness as a battle ensues and Nicole is killed. I'm not quite sure how she died but in the last scene we get, big surprise, a girl coming after Jonah who looks just like Nicole. Yep, Nicole had a twin that we never knew of who was causing all that trouble. It was a high fly ball out of nowhere that kinda turned me off to the series all together.

The series only lasted 7 books, which is no big surprise. And the book was only 99 cents, but still, it left a lasting impression. However , chat room thrillers have now gone, I hope, to a bygone era.

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