Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Speaking of Frankenstein, did you know that till this day, people still refer to the creature as Frankenstein when, in actuality, it's really supposed to be Frankenstein's monster?

Though I have yet to clear ten pages of it, I am fascinated with its creation.

Mary Shelly was only eighteen when she penned this Gothic tale. Legend has it that she spent a cold stormy night with Lord Byron and John Polidori, weaving ghostly tales to amuse themselves. While one wrote about a talkative skull and another envisioned the story known as The Vampyre, Shelly wrote her tale of terror and found success.

One day I will read the entire book, which looks to be a quick read. But what inspires me the most about this woman, is that she finally realized she was a success when she said, " I think I can maintain myself, and there is something inspiriting in the idea."

Oh, and one very important detail that you may not be familiar with. In the original story, there was never a character named Igor.

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