Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ghost Hotel Series

As a kid, I was always eager to get one thing from school. The Scholastic Book Order forms. It was the greatest thing. The teacher would hand them out, we'd pick which books we wanted, we'd give her the money to buy them and in exactly one week, ta-da, your very own book.

I remember one time I got a handful of books, about three, and was happy to go home and read them. But later that day I found out one of my classmates had a copy of Ghost Hotel. I was so obsessed with Ghost stories that I immediately offered a trade, "I'll give you these three if you let me have that."

This book came out around 1996. I still have the copy of that book. Although it's a slim book, about 170 pages, I've never been able to finish it. I've gotten about halfway. I guess I was always too afraid to finish it. Or maybe I enjoyed the lingering mystery of it all these years. But, in all likelihood, my reading list, as always, continues to grow. Just like Ghost Hotel, some books get pushed to the wayside.

Still, there may be one day in which I read it. Possibly this month.

I also have the other two books that came after it: Return to Ghost Hotel and Escape from Ghost Hotel. I may do a weekend trilogy reading. If you remember this book, be sure to let me know what you thought of it. Here's the back cover summary:

Anna, as an adopted child has always wondered who her real parents were. When Anna and her family check into the strange hotel, Anna meets the ghostly Colonel and Mrs. Terwillinger.

Unable to resist the lure of the past, Anna is drawn back in time to the danger-filled days of the Underground Railroad, which helped runaway slaves to freedom. Here Anna discovers the mystery of her childhood - a mystery that must be solved if Anna is ever to find her way home again.

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Anonymous said...

i ordered this one too, back in elementary. mainly cuz the cover looked cool. never read it