Monday, October 24, 2011

Skelton Crew

This one collection kept me occupied when I frequented laundromats. It was so cram-packed with stories. Some chilling, some weird, but always a wide ride. Here are my favorites from Stephen King's Skeleton Crew.

The Mist - Included was the novella called The Mist, in which a group of survivors occupy a local grocery store as a ghostly mist covers the land. But, within the mist are dark creatures from another world that are hungry as well. Got about halfway before I moved on to the short stories. Just couldn't finish it. Too disturbing for me. But I did see the movie version and was equally terrified by that.

The Jaunt - By far the scariest science fiction story I've read in recent years. It's about a family about to use a device to travel that has been around for a while. The father explains to his son how someone stumbled onto the device, how it works, how they tested it on prisoners. But the father also explains how it is very important that all passengers inhale the sleeping gas before the trip. No human can be conscious in the jaunt. I was not prepared for the twist ending at all. But, man, was that story a trip.

Word Processor of The Gods - A hapless writer with an abusive wife and a teen son is the recent recipient of a hand-built word processor. What he comes to find out is that he can write things into existence. Whats worse...he can also delete things. Namely, abusive people.

Survivor Type - Disgraced surgeon, Richard Pine, is trapped on an island. Destined to write out the rest of his days trying to survive, he writes about smuggling drugs and the eventual madness that sets in. It's a gruesome little tale in diary form. There's no end to the lengths he will go to just to survive. After braking his ankle while trying to flag down a plane, he amputates it, desperate for something to eat.

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