Sunday, October 23, 2011

Everything's Eventual

There may be 14 dark tales in this collection, but I would say that 6 of these stories are pure gold. Read this one while I was still in high school.

Autopsy Room Four - A man is paralyzed but the medics pronounced him dead. Now he must try to find a way to alert them to their own mistake. It's kind of a re-hash of a popular Alfred Hitchcock episode but it is still pretty well written.

The Man In The Black Suit - A creepy man pays a little boy a visit. Very chilling. Kind of reminds me of that crazy ghost preacher in Poltergeist 2. This story nabbed King an O. Henry award.

The Road Virus Heads North - a man, while browsing a garage sale, picks up a sinister painting that seems to change in appearance as he drives home. The real question is...what is waiting for him when he gets there?

Lunch at The Gotham Cafe - A man and a woman are in the midst of a divorce settlement. They meet the lawyer at a popular cafe. But, to their surprise, a matre d goes nuts and starts slicing everything in his path. This was later turned into a short film which King praised in public.

1408 - I saw the movie of this first and thought it was brilliant. But the story was great too. It was like a little seedling of what is essentially a good haunted hotel room story. Much of the dialogue used is in the movie so it has my stamp of approval. Funny thing is, King used this story in his book On Writing to show how he edits his work. What started as an example became a financial succes in the box office. The film grossed $131 Million worldwide.

Riding the Bullet - This story became Stephen's intro into e-books. During the first 24 hours, 400,000 copies were downloaded. A man decides to hitchhike, on his way to his sick mother, but when a stranger picks him up, he gives his passenger a choice: "Either you die or your mother does. Who will it be?"

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