Saturday, October 8, 2011

Resident Evil Series

We've come across a lot of authors who put a lot of initials in front of their names: J.M. Barrie, T.C. Boyle, R.L. Stine, etc.

But one author who might've escaped you is one S.D. Perry. I didn't catch wind of her until 2003...when she completely novelized the first Resident Evil video game.

As far as the movies go, I'll make this as short as I can: The first one was great, different. Apocalypse? A joke. Extinction? It was extinct enough. Afterlife? Why am I still watching this? Why are these so popular? I hear they are making yet another grimy installment, sure to confuse and baffle theater goers as to why this series is just chugging right along. It's called Retribution. Yeah...I doubt it.

But looking back, you can see how the RE series has come a long way. It spanned video games, movies, comics, graphic novels and now books. I was hesitant about reading this series but gave it a shot and, boy, was I surprised.

RE Book #1: The Umbrella Conspiracy - This classically depicts the events of the first game. It has all the mystery and suspense without any of the tedious tasks of finding keys and running from one corner of the mansion to another. Even though I played the game, it still gave me a really good chill. I'd say for the person who isn't into video games at all, they should pick this book up. It may turn them on to the story, without any of the carpal tunnel syndrome you get from playing the game hours on end.

RE Book #2: Caliban Cove - This book is a take on Rebbecca Chambers. She was the only underage member of the STARS search and rescue team. It was pretty good.

RE Book #3: City Of the Dead - Okay. Here is where it gets tricky. This is the third book but really it's based on the second video game which is called Resident Evil 2. So really, it may be the third book but it's really the second story in the series. Get it? Got it? Good. The Cove book was an added subplot that was a completely original work from the author herself. This time around, instead of a mansion, the zombies are roaming the streets of Raccoon City. Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop, and Claire Redfield, the sister of one of the STARS members, have come to the city to try to make sense of the madness of this disease.

RE Book #4: Underworld - This book, another original story from the author, finds the surviving STARS members, along with Leon Kennedy, in a secret facility known only as The Planet. It was lacking something. I just don't know what. Maybe it tried too hard.

RE Book #5: Nemesis - Well, where do I start? I played the game, originally called Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and really liked it. As for the book, I've only read three chapters. I left the book in the cafeteria when I was working the overnight shift at Target and never saw it again. Some rotten bastard stole it right from under me.

RE Book #6: Code Veronica - I loved this story! The game might have had six different titles but the book was a completely well done story that perfectly matched, possibly, better than the game itself.

RE Book #7: Zero Hour - This is basically a prequel of a prequel. This story happens before the events of Umbrella Conspiracy. This happens to be one book, out of many, which I haven't read on my book shelf. Believe it or not, I took it with me on three moves. Twice from two different houses and finally to my new apartment. I just haven't been able to bring myself to read it. Maybe I don't want the series to end.

If you ask me, they should base the movies on these books. Not some hap-hazard-half-baked-half-cocked-half-limping screwed up train of disappointment fecal matter pie that they have become. Maybe I'm being to harsh. Or maybe I'm just bitter. One of the two.

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