Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here Today, Blog Tomorrow #1

Today, I guess, is the first day of insanity. Blogging every day for 31 days. I'm more than sure that this will drain me but, ah, what the hell, here it goes.

Woke up at 10:30am today, grabbed some coffee with the Mrs. and joke about how stylishly vogue my hair is post-sleep. We discussed our oddly eccentric dreams. (She dreamt that she stole a broom to sweep under the futon in our apartment and debated whether to put it back while I had a sort of Adjustment Bureau dream where I worked for a company that specialized in bio-engineered limbs. It was a very futuristic, dark setting. In the dream I would walk to work, looking both ways because I had endured losing my limbs and had them replaced by this company. On a whim I asked them if they were hiring and they were. But, in the dream, when I walked up to the wall to press down one of the buttons on the floor, security asked for my username and pass code. I gave them one and they said it was the wrong one. Then I woke up.)

Afterwards, I hit the phones for a good hour, calling staffing agencies and places where I applied. I'm on the job hunt, looking for anything. Got three potential places: A screw factory, a Habachi grill, and a position close to home.

Money is tight with us right now. So much so that my cell phone is off and I'm currently trying to sell my Zoombox Projector and Screen, my Classic Black iPod with 80GB, and a television I don't use.

My wife leaves for her Albanian lesson.

I've realized many times that the best way for exposure is to have multiple tiles available. Flood the market with good stuff and you will be hard to ignore. I'm currently writing three novellas I plan to get out some time next month. If all goes accordingly, I should have 8 titles available come the end of April or some time before then.

Before showering and heading out, I watch one and a half episodes of Prison Break: season 2. That show is intense!

Stopped at the library to drop off some dvd's: Megamind and Takers. Megamind killed me, it's right up there with The Incredibles with the wit but only takes second place compared to it. Takers I saw fifteen minutes of and got bored and started fast-forwarding. It wasn't worth it. Picked up a copy of Buried. Always wanted to see that movie. Coincidentally, I had an idea for a novel, also called Buried, but could never quite get it off the ground. It dealt with dirt that constantly grew but consumed a lot of humanity. Just didn't seem plausible.

Checked out the two job prospects. At one I have a possible interview and at the other they politely shook my hand and told me "No." I guess that's the daily grind for ya.

I come back to find my wife who has thoughts for a pizza. Which I immediately agree. While waiting, she goes into the bedroom to root through some boxes. She's trying to find some tax papers so we can both do our taxes tomorrow. Instead, she finds books, cd's and binders marked "Stories." This surprises me a great deal. Because my main goal in life is to turn everyone I know into a writer, it boggles my mind that she never told me about these previous stories. "It's just not my thing," she says. I sit down on the couch and read a three paged story she wrote in 1996.

After, I check email to find that I may have broken the seal of how much money you need to earn before Amazon starts paying you for your kindle sales. Last time I checked, 35 cents was deposited into our account which made me more depressed than glad. But today, I find that $11 dollars and 55 cents were deposited. This excites me so much, I book it to the bedroom to tell my wife. Her head perks up a bit, she blinks and a proud smile widens on her face. "That's pretty cool. That's really cool."

While checking amazon, I find that Mr. Dead Eyes got an ebook sale. It's rank is now #44, 305. This also makes me smile. Now that I know that my sales are going up again, it makes me hopeful.

The pizza arrives. Pineapple and pepperoni will always be my favorite. My wife and I chill for a bit, watching an episode of Prison Break. After, I make a quick stop to jewel at 7:00pm to get some wine. We watch The Other Guys on dvd. Some of the jokes are funny but others are just beating a dead horse. Watch, now friggin' Mark Wahlberg's gonna come to the apartment and tare my ass a new one. Have to say though, the explosion part was really funny.

Somewhere in the mix, my wife asks me about one of the actors in the movie. "Hey, isn't that that guy from that one show? What is it called The Kids at the Neighbors? The Kids Outside?"

I crane my neck, because it hurts to hear such blasphemy. "You mean the Kids in The Hall?"

We both crack ourselves up, think up things to do when we don't have to worry about money. I say something to the tune of, "I'm going to invent something that everyone needs and no one can do without...like a new kind of mayonnaise."

"Nah," she says. "Chocolate mayonnaise. That oughta do it."

Later, I look up some IMDB to see the triva notes on The Other Guys.

Somehow this leads me to a trailer for the movie The Conspirator. Then...it hits me. "I just realized something," I say to my wife. "Every bestselling novel has the word wife or daughter next to it. The Hangman's Wife, The Arsonist's Daughter, The Graverobber's Daughter..."
"The Time Traveler's Wife."

"Exactly!" I say. I sigh. "I need to write a book like that now. Hitler's Wife or something."

"Nah," She says. "Hitler's Bitch-ass Wife."

"Oooohh, that's a bestseller."

The night ends with us watching Nostalgia Critic videos. She heads to bed, I stay up to write some more short stories. Life is good...heading towards better.

Thank you and good night.

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