Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here Today, Blog Tomorrow #20

What does a writer dream about?

That's a question I'm looking into at the moment. It is often said that dreams are a catalyst for good or intriguing ideas. I'm a firm believer in that, having written only when compelled to do so. As it turned out, if I never had the nightmare about a dark, shadowy doctor, then Mr. Dead Eyes would have never been born.

Also, quite a few of my short stories have been adapted from dreams. My current collection, For What It's Worth holds 19 short stories. These are the ones that were originally dreams:

Failing Upwards
The 75th Last Meal
The Graveyard-shifters
The Nature of a Second Hand

So, out of 19 stories, 7 were dreams. It helps to plot, yes, but sometimes a dream can give you structure. I Just had a dream last night that is quite complicated, but could make for a terrific creepy story. And somehow, it ties in with the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. The classic, not the remake. I'm also compiling a dream book for the entire year of 2011, just to keep me busy. Dreams are perfect for stories.

Don't believe me? Nap a while and find out.

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