Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here Today, Blog Tomorrow #6

Today I woke up at 10:30am. Man, what a night. I had this weird dream where I was in a warehouse sitting in a chair and I was getting a lecture from Jerry Lewis and Paul Newman on how to be a succesful con man. I'm sure there's a good story in there somewhere.

Last night I was under my quota. I only wrote 425 words. It felt like just getting those words out took forever.

But, at 1:00pm today I finally sat down and took a good hard look at my second short story collection. There are four or five that are really easy stories to write. So I write them. When I'm done, I've now got two finished short stories and I've written about 1,579 words. The good part is that even if the story doesn't flow well, at least now I have something to work with.

After that, I kick up my heels and relax, watching more season 3 of Prison Break.

I have some coffee and my missus returns home.

We clean the apartment and I call my brother. Here and there I go back to Crime City on Facebook to wreak havoc.

Later, I make my way to the bookshelf and pick up a copy of The Best American Short Stories 2008 with Salman Rushdie as the guest editor. This is one series you can't get on the kindle which is, yet again, another reason why I think the eBook will never replace the good-old-fashioned hardcovers and paperbacks. It's pretty good. It's getting me back into the rhythm of what a short story is supposed to feel like and what you are supposed to take away from it.

The night ends with the wife and I watching The Town on DVD.

Because I wrote close to 2,000 words today, I feel no need to write tonight. Plus, I have a job I have to get up for in the morning.

Y'know, back two weeks ago, when I had this job through this temp agency called Spherion, they set me up with one seemingly good job. Then, through a series of miscommunication and dimwitted phone calls, the full-time temp to perm job at Netflix turned into a on call 3am two days a week suckfest. Anyone looking for a job should avoid this Spherion Staffing at all costs. You will make pennies, while they promise you profit. It just isn't worth it.

Man, I remember when I showed up there at 3am one day. Me and some other guy were the only ones there. We chatted for a bit while it snowed about how annoying the unemployment office is, how hard it is to find work and just how some people like to string you along. I told him right then and there that I needed something better. Maybe this is it. Hope he's doing well.

Wherever that guy is, I wish him well.

As for me, I've got a job to do.

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