Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here Today, Blog Tomorrow #5

Woke up at 11:30 this morning. Got up, brushed my teeth and sat on the futon to message my brother and play Crime City on Facebook. It's an addictive game.

Didn't write much last night but today I have different plan of attack. My brain has been bubbling about one particular story that I've had trouble getting off the ground. But some solid research last night helped with some of the factual details. All that talk about time travel awakened something, I guess. The story deals with a wormhole and a man going through it. When he does, he gets stuck permanently in the past. There's an exciting twist at the end that ties into century-long conspiracy theories. It's sure to be a good one. Somewhere in the day I have to schedule a time to write the novella and add more to my third novel. We'll see how far that takes me.

I talk with my wife before she heads off to work. I fix myself a raisin cinnamon bagel and a cup of coffee while watching more of season 3 of Prison Break. It's snowing outside. Man, I hate snow so much.

At 1:45pm, I check my amazon sales. Looks like I sold another copy of Mr. Dead Eyes. I'm beaming with excitement. Mr. Dead Eyes has been the leading seller out of all my books since I put it on Kindle in 2010. It made it to #92 on the 100 best medical thrillers board.

At 2:55pm, I call up my buddy who owns a bookstore to ask when I can get my books on his shelves. Turns out they ran into a bit of trouble with some flooding issues and some books got damaged in the process. Also, a lot of authors are thinking of author signings in March. I'm just waiting patiently. With the help of some of my friends, they managed to get my books into a couple of libraries. But this will be the first brick and mortar store I can have my books in if all goes accordingly.

Around 5:30 I pick up some prescriptions and head to the Fitness center where I find, much to my surprise, that when I weigh myself I had lost a total of 6 pounds! Not too shabby. The first month I started working out, I did so three times a week. For the month of February I slacked off for a bit but, regardless, I still lost the pounds. Diet along with exercise really do work. Maybe my body is more sensitive to exercise than I thought.

On the way out, after working on the treadmill for 35 minutes listening to some podcasts on my iPod(Specifically the Dean Koontz podcast), some guy nearly runs me down in his car. He pulls up to the side of me and asks, "Say, do you know of a Buffalo Wild Wings around here?"

Puzzled, I say, "Are you looking for the one at the Mall?"

"No!" he says. "On Roosevelt Road."

"Sorry, I don't know one around here."

"Thanks!" he shouts. Then he speeds off. The jerk.

When I'm in my car to turn at the intersection of Roosevelt and Highland ave, I find a sign for Buffalo Wild Wings. Would you like Karma with that? I think to myself and smile.

I come home, pet Bandit, our cat, and shower up.

While doing laundry, I also chatted with ten cool cats over at KindleBoards for about an hour.

My wife comes home just as I'm collecting the laundry. For some reason, the laundry room, which is a mere twenty paces from the parking lot, has signs all over saying that it is permanently closing on April 4th. Sooo damn lame. Was there that much graffiti to warrant permanently closing like this? They give an address to another laundry room which is 5 minutes away. Great. Chalk one up for stupid people making it harder for the rest of us. Yeesh!

The night ends with my wife playing on iGoogle and me reading. Sixty pages later, I finish My Boring-Ass Life by Kevin Smith. It ends on a high note, Kevin Smith meeting Bruce Willis. But boy, the thing is 450 pages long. I've accomplished a pretty big headache. It could've easily been 100. But I digress.

It's coming up on Midnight and I still have not written a single word of fiction. Well, now I'll just have to sit here and pound out the words because I'm not leaving this couch until I have at least 1,000 words under my belt.

It's crunch time...and I'm more than willing to stay up late.

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