Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here Today, Blog Tomorrow #30

I work for a great company. It's laid back, it's easy and it has taken it easy on my back. I'll never tell you where I work though. No offense but some things you have to keep private.

I will tell you, however, that when I work at this job I'm allowed to listen to my iPod. Lately I've been listening to a Hard-boiled series called Black Jack Justice, which is more of a radio show than an audiobook.

Info on Black Jack Justice:
All-new hardboiled mysteries in the pulp detective tradition! Tough-as-nails private eye Jack Justice and his long-suffering partner Trixie Dixon, girl detective do their part for law, order and thirty-five dollars a day. When it comes to detective work, Jack and Trixie agree on the facts. Clients cry, clients lie, clients dicker over the bill. But if they can cut to the happy ending without cutting each other's throats, it'll be a miracle!

I first stumbled across these episodes on

Now I can't find them on the site.

So, I decided to go to the source. Episodes of Black Jack Justice can be found at

They have such shows as The Red-Panda Adventure, Black Jack, and Fiction Showcase, just to name a few.

It feels good knowing that old time radio isn't's just been given a reboot.

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