Thursday, March 3, 2011

Here Today, Blog Tomorrow #3

This morning I awoke at 9:30am and, thankfully, my back pain was gone. It was what I had said before to my wife; most likely my body trying to put me to sleep seeing as how I woke up early to head to a job interview yesterday.

For fun, I try something different with my coffee today. I pour, add French vanilla creamer, some sugar and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It tastes...interesting. Not bad but a weird hybrid mix. Maybe next time I'll be coherent enough to shove the concoction in a blender to make myself a frappé.

I watch two more episodes of Prison Break.

Later, I email Irina Avtsin to let her know that her guest post went live on my blog today.

At 1:45pm I watch the dvd Buried on the laptop. What a horrible movie. Not in terms of directions, acting or production value, but the story is just too damn depressing. Man, I haven't been this depressed since watching The Road. But even that movie had a message, kept me going, gave me a shred of hope. I got none of that from Buried.

Sometime around 3:00 I head to the library to drop off Buried and pick up a copy of Despicable Me. As I'm looking at their new release wall, I notice a book called Frankenstein's Monster. I pick it up, thumb through it a bit. It's the author's first adult novel debut. Originally, she wrote children books. The beginning line grabs me right away. From the looks of it, the story is a sequel to the original Frankenstein book penned by Mary Shelly. It picks up where the last book ends. I may give it a read in the next couple weeks. But first I have to read the original.

But who am I kidding? I have an enormous reading list I'm trying to chip away at. Still haven't read the original Dracula by Bram Stoker or the sequel written by his great grandnephew Dacre Stoker which is called Dracula: The Undead.

Checking my bank account, I find the eleven dollars deposited from my kindle sales. That boosts my confidence seeing as how we're actually spending that money today to have spaghetti for dinner. I dunno, it makes you feel all warm inside. It brings a tangible recognition to the work.

Also, while internet surfing, I find out that Stephen King is almost ready with a new book. It's a new titan novel dealing with the consequences of altering one event in history: The JFK Assassination. It's called 11/22/63 which, I assume, is a working title. Man, does this guy ever just take a day to relax? This new book is said to be about 1,000 pages long.

Ah, hell, what am I talking about? I'd read it in a heart beat. Looks like I'll get my chance too seeing as how this new book comes out November 8th, 2011. Just a week after my birthday.

My wife comes home and we talk about work, eat some spaghetti and I shave my mustache.

She naps on the couch while I read and internet surf. Afterwards, we chill and watch Despicable Me. Maybe I would've been more appreciative of this movie if it came out in the late 90's. But the fact of the matter is, even though I love Steve Carrell, we both just couldn't sit through this. The script was kind of generic but the animation was impressive. In the end though, we just didn't take a real glow to it. We both agree...Megamind was waaay better.

The night ends with my wife heading to bed, reading a copy of A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.

I, on the other hand, stay up for a bit to see if I can kick in 500 words.

We'll see.

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busy91 said...

Congrats on your Amazon sales!! Keep writing!