Friday, March 25, 2011

Here Today, Blog Tomorrow #25

Book Trivia

Things you may not have known about my books:

  • Mr. Dead Eyes was without a title for six months.
  • Wearing Donnie Torr was inspired by my brother's leather jacket.
  • I currently have seventy ideas for novels stashed in my writing desk.
  • While writing the short story Your Escape Plan Now I was lying on my stomach on the floor. It was written in one sitting.
  • Mr. Dead Eyes was originally published in 2006 but was pulled, by me, off the market. I put it back up exclusively for the Kindle on Jan. 2nd, 2010.
  • Both Derek Schillar, from Mr. Dead Eyes, and I have the same birthday. November 2nd - The day of the dead.
  • The short story 10 Days in the Extra Life was originally a screenplay.
  • One of the short stories in my second collection went from short story, to screenplay then back to short story again.
  • The short story The Subtle Teachings of Mr. Rifa was actually inspired by five separate real-life teachers.
  • Whenever I get writer's block, I often read The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists or The Mummy's Curse:101 of the World's Strangest Mysteries by Daniel Cohen.
  • As a boy, I collected all of the Goosebumps and Ghosts of Fear Street books.
  • I wrote a case file to further understand the character of Donnie Torr.
  • After three more stand-alone novels, I plan to write the second installments to both Mr. Dead Eyes and Wearing Donnie Torr.
  • In the current Novella I'm working on (Codename: Jungle), the villain had his first and last name changed four times before I was happy with it.
  • The novel I'm having the hardest time with is my third.

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